About Olly Martins

Olly Martins was elected as the first Police and Crime Commissioner for Bedfordshire in November 2012.

Olly spent eight years working for Victim Support, starting as a volunteer then as a service co-ordinator, before working for MPs Angela and Maria Eagle. He also served as a local government councillor for eight years and continues to serve as an army reservist, having been mobilised as a United Nations Peacekeeper in Cyprus in 2011. Olly lives with a partner in the High Town area of Luton and is a keen runner.

Olly says, “Given my background working with victims, one of my proudest achievements has been to ensure that children and young people who have suffered sexual abuse now have a dedicated local counselling and support service. This was a significant gap in local service provision. I have also been keen to see that Beds Police improve their victim satisfaction and the progress that has been made here is now clear.” Olly Martins parade” width=“210” height=

    Achievements in office:

  • Preventing Crime
  • Burglary rates are significantly down with a strong focus on known offenders even at a time of budget cuts and limited resources.

  • Saving Money
  • Olly Martins is helping save Bedfordshire Police almost £10 million by working jointly with Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire police forces. That’s money to protect visible frontline policing.

  • Driving Efficiency and New Technology
  • Bedfordshire Police is at the forefront of introducing time-saving new technologies like high-tech tablets as part of a drive to help Police Officers spend more time visibly policing, while also reducing costs.

  • Lowering Police Costs
  • A comprehensive restructure of the police force has made the best use of money and resources. Bedfordshire Police also has the third lowest non-staff costs of any police force.

  • Increasing Police Transparency
  • Introduced Body Worn Video (BWV) cameras for police officers and PCSOs, with public panels scrutinising ‘stop and search’ video footage. Growing the number of volunteers who visit police stations to check on the treatment of detainees under his Independent Custody Visitors scheme. The public Ride-Along Scheme allows members of the public to experience a police patrol. Olly supported the unprecedented move to allow TV cameras into Luton Police Station 24/7 to make the fly-on-the wall documentary 24 Hours In Police Custody.

  • Championing Police Diversity
  • Olly is determined that the police force should look like the diverse communities that it polices. Even at a time of budget cuts the diversity of Bedfordshire Police is improving.

  • Stronger Communities
  • Strengthening the links between local neighbourhoods and their police by developing community watch schemes and increasing the number of Special Constables (volunteer police officers).

  • Lower Cost Leadership
  • Olly is less expensive than the old police authority he replaced. In his first three years he cost some £200,000 less than the police authority cost in its last three years. Olly is the third cheapest Police Commissioner in the country - that’s according to the Taxpayers’ Alliance and he has not claimed travel expenses for any road journeys.

    My Tax Return

    Tax transparency, in the aftermath of the 'Panama Papers' revelations, continues to be a live issue.

    As someone who is elected to be responsible for a vital public service that has suffered the impact of public spending cuts, because we were told we couldn't afford the level of expenditure we had for policing, I am a strong believer in making my fair contribution through taxation and I am happy to be transparent about it. If having a ‘disclosure democracy’ is what we need to do to secure properly funded public services, count me in.

    HM Revenue and Customs have identified that there is a £34billion 'tax gap' due to evasion and avoidance. Closing that gap by getting tax transparency, ensuring that wealthy people and large corporations pay their fair share, and clamping down on off-shore tax havens seems a better approach to me than the continuing government police funding cuts that we face.

    I also want to demonstrate that I dedicate myself to the role of PCC on a full-time basis. I was surprised to discover the outgoing Mayor of London earns more from journalism than his 'day job' and I want to show that is not the case for me. Whilst I am proud to serve my country as a reservist in HM Armed Forces, this is what I do in my spare time rather than 'moonlighting'.

    It is worth saying that in addition to paying my fair tax I do not claim the car mileage I am entitled to as part of my personal commitment to minimising my costs, given my view that my PCCs salary is more than adequate recompense. This is part of what leads me to being one of the lowest cost PCCs in the country. You can read my Tax Return here.


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